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Geographical RaaZ

Geographical RaaZ
Weathering and erosion

Introduction to Weathering and Erosion

Introduction to Weathering and Erosion Weathering and erosion are fundamental geological processes that shape the Earth's landscape. They are responsible for the formation of soil,...

Volcano, Types of volcano, Distribution

1. Introduction to Volcanoes One of the most amazing and potent natural phenomena on Earth are volcanoes. These are geological formations produced when magma from...
Types of fold

Types of folds in geography

Folds are bends in rock layers that occur due to external pressures and can vary widely in size, shape, and complexity. Here are the...
Endogenic and exogenic force

Endogenic and Exogenic forces

Endogenic forces are subterranean internal processes or reactions that are mostly caused by the planet's internal heat. Through processes like plate tectonics, earthquakes, orogeny...

Introduction to Geomorphology

1. Introduction to Geomorphology: The scientific study of landforms and the mechanisms sculpting the Earth's surface is known as geomorphology. Geomorphology, which derives from...